How Two started

By Tim White, Director.

Collaborative working space with soft furnishings

Creating bespoke spaces for our unique clients. There’s nothing cookie cutter about Two.

It takes Two

The need for Two sparked from an idea, and the idea grew from a behavioural shift.

The shift that sparked the idea wasn’t the changing nature of workplaces (although this certainly has changed!) but the relationship between those using the space and those designing it. I was speaking to clients regularly and it became clear to me that in the same way that retail customers are wanting a more personal relationship with the brands they are buying, businesses looking for a new office are looking to be involved in the design of their office space. As part of the Workplace Futures Group, a 28-year-old Design & Build business, we had for a long time been practicing a more participative approach with our clients, but I knew I wanted to take it further.

It’s an approach unlike any other in the Design & Build market

It’s an approach unlike any other in the Design & Build market because we are in a true partnership with our clients. The foundation is set at the very beginning and the relationships we develop are real friendships that last far beyond the completion of the projects.

Because of the importance we place on relationships and collaboration, we hand-picked our team, ensuring a perfect mix of vibrancy, personality, fresh perspectives, delivery quality and experience. Passion is the final ingredient in our fantastic team and each of them have it in abundance. Their passion means that they are always pushing the boundaries of design, developing creative solutions and delivering outstanding quality work whichever role they perform.

We are proud of the friendships we have made so far and can’t wait to make some more, it truly is at the heart of what we do.


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