Corrie MacColl

St Mary Axe


Natural Resources


2,500 sq ft


  • Kitchen
  • Teapoint
  • Open plan office
  • Breakout area
  • Central co-working hub
  • Meeting room
  • CEO office
  • Outdoor terrace

The challenge

Corrie MacColl is leading a change in the natural rubber industry by revolutionizing how the rubber is grown, processed and distributed through sustainable initiatives.

Moving from a co-working space to their first London HQ, this was a big move for Corrie MacColl. The space needed to be hugely collaborative, reflective of their brand identity and align with their values; a close-knit team with personality!

The solution

Collaborative spaces are dotted throughout, from a central co-working station, to an outdoor terrace area for team get togethers, a mix of informal and formal meeting areas was a must.

We kept our design on-brand, incorporating an aesthetic of warm, light inviting colours and plants around the space to encourage a calm and welcoming environment.

  • High table collaboration space
    High table collaboration space
    Providing space for collaborating in the heart of the office
  • Biophilia in the collaboration space at Corrie MacColl
    A touch of greenery
  • outdoor terrace space at Corrie MacColl with view of The Gherkin
    Terrace space for team gatherings
    A fantastic space providing some natural light during the day and a breath of fresh air!
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    SmartImpact knew instantly what they wanted. The budget and timeline were tight but the ideas were big. Dedicated areas for teams, bookable systems for the meeting rooms and a clean, professional and on-brand aesthetic with pops of colour, combined together to create a homely feel.

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    Private: SmartImpact