We’ve grown again! Meet Amy, the latest addition to our team and new technical designer. Amy will be working in our design team to bring our designs to life onsite! We had a quick catch up with Amy to find out what she is all about.

What makes Two special?
The people and the environment in general. Everyone is so motivated and driven to do well, which is so nice to see. I’ve found everyone so welcoming, down to earth and fun, it’s such a unique and lovely combination.

What gets you up in the morning?
The team – hands down. Working around inspiring, fun people makes what I do every day so enjoyable. Coming from an architectural and engineering background and knowing I wanted to get into design and build, working within this team has reaffirmed that this is what I want to do in my career.

What motivates and drives you?
The end result and that final moment when you get to watch your client’s step into their new workspace for the very first time. I get such a feeling of pride when you actually see people in the spaces you’ve helped design and build.

Biggest career learning curve to date? Or biggest lesson learnt?
Moving to London and learning new building codes was a big learning curve and converting to the metric system. The regulations in the US and UK are quite different so it’s been a bit of a challenge learning the British standard.

How do you stay creative? Where and how do you get inspired?
Recently I’ve gotten behind the trend to flip furniture which basically means that I upcycle furniture and have been decorating my flat, which I’m loving. London is so heavily influenced by old and new architecture, I really get inspired by everything around me, which I’ve only found possible living in a city like London.


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