Our Two team is growing, and we are over the MOON! Meet Dani our Head of Digital Design and in-house Revit extraordinaire. Dani has come on board to help us take team Two to the next level. We had a catch up to find out what he is all about.

Daniel Serrats

What makes Two special?

It’s not often you get to be involved in every stage of a project, this is something that we get to do every day at Two which I love. Helping our team develop their knowledge and abilities with Revit has been nice to see, it’s great to have a balance of being creative and technical in my role.

What gets you up in the morning?

Many things! Right now, it’s my one-month-old Daughter, Jana. Aside from being a new dad, I’m constantly learning and trying different things. That could be getting outdoors, cycling and exploring new places in London.

What motivates and drives you?

Learning and education, always. When I first moved to London, I set myself the challenge to master Revit and now, three years later I have mastered it and am leading and growing our team in doing the same.

Biggest career learning curve to date? Or biggest lesson learnt?

Teaching and coaching can be tricky at times, it’s still something I am learning and growing from each day.

How do you stay creative? Where and how do you get inspired?

Trying new ways of doing things, whether that is through delivering projects and experimenting with virtual reality to go beyond the norm or simply cooking and trying new recipes. At the moment, I’m into building human towers (a Catalan tradition). It’s been great watching the Bermondsey community and Catalan people within this community come together.


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