There’s a new woman in our lives and we are here for it. Meet Charlotte, our new Key Account Manager. We had a quick catch up with Charlotte to find out what she is all about.


What makes Two special?
The team, no doubt about it. Their collective drive is so infectious. From the moment I sat down with Kristoff and Tom for the first time I knew this was where I wanted to take the next step in my career. Everyone puts 100% in every day and it pays off, we take ownership of our roles within the business and the business has trust and faith in us, it’s so refreshing!

What gets you up in the morning?
Being part of a passionate team more than anything else. I’ve worked in companies before where it’s easy to become successful, but the comradery and team aspect just wasn’t there, it can be a lonely way to work. Now, I feel like I am doing a job that I love with a team that I actually adore!

What motivates and drives you?
I’ve never been content doing a nine to five job. I want to have an impact on people, make a difference and feel proud of what I’ve left behind. What I love the most about working in this industry is knowing that we are helping people create happier, healthier workplaces.

Biggest career learning curve to date? Or biggest lesson learnt?
Delivering bad news is never easy, especially when it’s to your client. I’ve learnt that it’s much better to be upfront and tell the truth from beginning – rip off that band aid!

Who do you admire the most in a career sense?
Jacinda Arden, New Zealand’s Prime Minster. I admire her approach and attitude and think we could all learn a lot from how she conducts herself.

How do you stay creative? Where and how do you get inspired?
I’m not going to lie, I’m an analytical person at heart but when it comes to getting creative, I get most of my inspiration from the people around me, whether that’s my friends, family or colleagues.


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