Making the world a better, cleaner place step by step

Environmental, Social, Governance

Our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy shows what actions we are taking to achieve positive outcomes for people and the planet. As well as current activities, it highlights our commitment to influence, take further action, measure, benchmark and report our progress.

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How we influence the planet:

We follow circular economy principles, and always focus on reuse, repair or refurbishment. When new products and finishes are required, we work with our clients to identify the lowest environmental impact option. We can achieve this by using software tools to assess the embodied carbon of different options. Our preferred waste management contractors optimise reuse through their charity partners, and report 100% diversion from landfill for our waste streams. Materials are responsibly sourced, with a preference for natural or high recycled content.

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How we influence the health, wellbeing & quality of life of people:

We provide safe working environments for our staff and subcontractors, so that everyone goes home safely. We design spaces that avoid materials known to be harmful to human health. Monitoring solutions can be installed and linked to air handling systems to deliver a healthy working environment. Biophilic design is applied so that people remain connected to nature indoors, and plants known to improve indoor air quality are specified. Through our supply chain we provide work opportunities for trainees and apprentices, and procure products and services hyper locally.


How we influence trust, quality, and future resilience:

Two is part of the well-established Workplace Futures Group brand, which has been operating for over 30 years. Our preferred supply chain is vetted and understand our ESG goals. Our management systems are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified by an UKAS accredited organisation. Documented procedures are carried out via online Construction Management Software. Management attends regular meetings to discuss the continual performance improvement of ESG.

Delivering ESG through our services

From project start to project completion and beyond, we have mapped out all of the ways in which we deliver ESG. This map explores:

  • The clients ESG brief
  • ESG project set up
  • ESG through construction
  • ESG through handover
  • ESG through operation and client benefits.


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