Understanding your needs

Redesigning your office space is an excellent way of breathing new life into your business. As the needs of the modern-day workforce continue to evolve, it is important that your business stays ahead of the curve. A successful office refurbishment will not only positively impact productivity and staff retention but will also be beneficial from a cost perspective. An office refurbishment will allow you to create a future-proof space that will attract top talent and adapt to internal and external business needs.

The Two Approach

At Two, we pride ourselves on the dynamic way we handle office refurbishment projects. We recognise that one size does not fit all, and therefore approach each project we take on with a fresh set of eyes, tailoring our action plan to best suit our client’s needs.  Our team are experts at managing live sites – our project managers have extensive experience and are highly skilled when it comes to in-situ refurbishments, phasing, and logistics.

Office Refurbishment Guide Cover

Office Refurbishment:

The Complete Guide

This guide will help you understand the crucial factors that must be considered at every stage of your office refurbishment, from selecting the right Design and Build partner to the day you move into your new office.

What you’ll learn:
– Reasons to refurbish your office
– How to select a D&B partner
– Considerations for redesigning your space
– Move-in day checklist

Case Study

Kin & Carta approached us to deliver an in-situ office refurbishment of their 11,500 sq ft space in Kings Cross. Our design team workshopped to create a concept that would meet Kin & Carta’s primary objective of encouraging attendance, promoting a sense of community and vibrancy. Our delivery team strategically planned the project to ensure minimal disruption to Kin & Carta’s employees. The project was a huge success, delivering an exceptional space that both Two and Kin & Carta are justifiably proud of.