Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of relocating your office?

Before we dive into the details, congratulations! An office relocation is a huge milestone for any business and one that can come with enormous benefits. However, there is no hiding the fact that this is a big task, with lots of moving parts, so to keep stress and operational disruptions to a minimum, careful planning and attention to detail are critical!

Partnering with Two

At Two we are no stranger to office relocation projects, just look at our recent work! We are an exceptionally diverse team, with champions across all aspects of a relocation process, from our Design to our Pre-Construction and Construction Teams; we have all the tools to be able to support you in your move.  We all also happen to be full of energy, which we will naturally inject into your journey, making it memorable for all the right reasons.

Our services go beyond your initial move

We understand that your needs may change post-move – that’s why we have a dedicated Day Two team offering expert support for any additional requirements you may have. Whether you’re looking to add a new meeting room, install privacy booths, or make any other adjustments to your office, we’re here to help.

Office Relocation Guide Cover 2

Office Relocation Guide

The timelines associated with an office relocation will vary from project to project. However, using our history of office relocation projects we have created an office relocation timeline to help with your initial thinking. To find out more, why not check out our office relocation guide?