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A Changing Market

The commercial office market has changed in recent years, and tenants are increasingly demanding flexibility in their lease terms, so naturally, the market has evolved alongside these changing needs. Landlords are now presented with a new opportunity to create pre-fitted spaces for this demographic. The evidence so far has been nothing but positive, with landlords benefiting significantly from this profitable venture.

What does Tenant-Ready™ mean?

Tenant-Ready™ is our all-encompassing program designed for landlords and operators to establish pre-fitted or custom-fitted office spaces. As highlighted above, Tenant-Ready™ spaces can be extremely profitable ventures, their flexibility makes them desirable for tenants across a range of industries.

So, how can Two help?

With Tenant-Ready™ spaces increasing in popularity, landlords need to remain competitive to attract a steady flow of tenants to their space. This is where Two comes in. Our energetic team is on hand to design and deliver the ultimate Tenant-Ready™ space destined for bidding wars. Backed by Workplace Futures Group, we have access to a wealth of knowledge, skills, and networks to help drive your Tenant-Ready™ space forward, setting it up for ultimate success. We can even help market your space through our in-house creative graphic design and marketing team!

Our Tenant-ReadyGuide

Using our team’s collective knowledge and expertise, we have created the ultimate guide to kickstart your Tenant-Ready™ project.

In our guide, you’ll learn about:
– Appointing a D&B Partner
– Conducting a Cost Analysis
– Designing Your Space
– Retaining Your Clients

Tenant-Ready Guide Cover


What does a Tenant-Ready™ workspace include?
What is the difference between Cat A and Cat A+?
Who is responsible for maintenance and repair?
Can I customise a Tenant-Ready™ space to align with my company’s branding?
01 What does a Tenant-Ready™ workspace include?

Tenant-Ready™ spaces are pre-fitted, or fitted-to-demand, office spaces. A Tenant-Ready fit-out is, in essence, a fully functional office, complete with all standard office amenities – meeting rooms, breakout spaces, teapoints, furniture, IT infrastructure, and power – that a tenant can quickly move into and start working immediately.

02 What is the difference between Cat A and Cat A+?

A Cat A fit-out is the first fit after the shell and core. It is also known as the ‘landlord fit out’ as it is commonly commissioned by landlords to take an existing office space back to a blank canvas to be put on the market. This type of fit-out includes electrical, plumbing, and mechanical services installation, as well as raised access flooring, suspended ceilings, and fire systems.
The phrase Cat A+ also describes Tenant-Ready spaces. It is a type of fit-out commissioned by landlords looking to enter the ‘flexible working’ market.

03 Who is responsible for maintenance and repair?

After completion, you will be introduced to your dedicated Warranty Support Contact. With our Warranty Support Team, you can be confident that your request will be dealt with promptly and professionally. We ensure an engineer will come to your site within five working days of receiving your call. All our projects have a twelve-month warranty, starting on the day of handover. This covers any defects in labour or materials and is supported by our dedicated warranty support team.

04 Can I customise a Tenant-Ready™ space to align with my company’s branding?

The landlord or building owner has the final say if you can make customised changes to your Tenant-Ready™ office space. Always check your contract and with your landlord before you make any changes.