A B Corporation™

We’re a people powered business, so we’re all about giving back

We’re for more than profit

At Two, becoming a B Corporation design and build company is a big deal! It’s now an integral part of our identity. We’re always thinking of new ways to tackle social and environmental issues, and our ambition to grab opportunities has helped us take B Corp’s stringent standards in stride. We’re applying them across our entire business, making sure we’re doing right by the world and our customers.

We’re a B Corp™ Certified Business!

Join us in making a better world!

We’re all about using our powers for good! We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now a certified B Corp, part of a global community that believes in using business to make a positive impact. With our technical and creative expertise, we’re committed to creating inspiring spaces that promote the well-being of people and the planet. We’re proud of our score of 122.4, proving that our hard work has paid off as the sector benchmark is 80. But we’re not stopping there! We’re always striving to do better and make a bigger difference.

What’s B Corp all about?

Answering your questions:

We’re part of the Workplace Futures Group, which was founded 30 years ago, and our leaders have always been committed to doing business the right way. That’s why we chose to become a certified B Corp. It’s a rigorous assessment that looks at our impact on the environment, society, and governance. We believe it’s a great way to show our clients that we’re serious about doing business with integrity and transparency. Plus, there’s a fantastic community of like-minded businesses that we’re excited to be a part of!

What are our goals

Next steps?

We’re committed to working on our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices, and we’re making sure that we’re procuring products and services from local sources. We’re also mindful of our impact on the environment and prioritise responsible sourcing of materials with high recycled content. But we’re not stopping there! We’re excited to work with our staff, business leaders, and clients to identify new priorities and ways to make an even bigger impact. Join us on this journey to make the world a better place, one project at a time!