Who we are

It’s a complementary

The team

We are called Two for a reason. We hand-on-heart believe the best results are only achieved through the closest collaboration between you and us

You won’t find a more passionate and creatively motivated group of people for your design and build. We ask lots of questions because we want to arrive at the most imaginative answer together.

  • Accepting the opportunity to develop and lead the Two team has been the easiest decision in my 20 years at Workplace Futures Group. The team are super creative, innovative, aren’t afraid to be different and have a client for life mentality – and for me, are a joy to be around!

    Simon Savage Managing Director
  • Being the Operations Director for the company is a hugely enjoyable role for me both in terms of the day to day and long-term strategic planning. Having worked in the industry for 19 years, the challenge of working on our portfolio of projects with both our clients and talented team still provides me with enormous satisfaction..

    Steve McCall Operations Director
  • Having spent the best part of my twenties in the Army, I know the importance and value of teamwork and working together to achieve the best outcome. Here at Two it’s no different and we apply exactly the same principles to produce the best results for our clients. Collaboration, creativity, commitment and fun are all key for me. When not in town you’ll find me on the boat, on the slopes or looking after my infamous donkeys and chickens.

    Simon Gammell Sales Director
  • I have recently moved over from New Zealand and am one of the newest members to join Two. I joined Two for its vibrant culture and the fast paced environment. My favourite part about my job is that I am constantly meeting new people, with no two days the same.

    Sophie Hawkins Project Manager
  • It’s not every day you get the chance to join a fresh new team like Two and since starting I have loved every minute. The team strives to deliver the best design, the best value and the best delivery, quality and service at every stage of the project. Being part of this team makes me proud, and I’m excited by the fact that we make friends not just clients.

    Katy Grimshaw Senior Project Designer
  • I wasn’t always in Design & Build, but I’m glad I’ve ended up here. I love pushing myself to learn and develop and taking on the role to lead the Pre-construction team at Two is no different. It’s not the only area where I like to succeed! My love for football has led me to run the company 5-aside team!

    Tom Clegg Head of Pre-Construction
  • I’ve been lucky! I was able to take a career break while my kids were young, but I’ve jumped back into office life, and now I get to work with my husband every day! It’s not so different to home though, my role is to support our fantastic delivery teams, tying up all the loose ends so they can focus on delivering the most amazing workspaces. I love it!

    Jane Savage Adminstration and Finance
  • Working at Two is fast paced and exciting, every day is different. I enjoy the challenge of getting the best out myself and the team whilst delivering projects on time and on budget. On top of that, the social culture and friendliness of the team makes coming to work all the more enjoyable!

    Scott Ellis Key Account Manager
  • Working in our fast-paced pre-construction team here at Two, I love the challenge of problem solving and being able to listen to everyone involved from a position with complete visibility. We have the autonomy to look at a project in its entirety and make the right calls for our clients – and not just from a numbers perspective!.

    Lawrence Davis Pre-Contracts Manager
  • Our success is centred around our collaborative approach. Working together means we can iron out issues early and deliver a superior finish to your office! The Two team are a great bunch, motivated and friendly, and no matter if you’re in the site or the office, you are always pulling in the same direction. It’s a nice environment to work in.

    Joe Holland Head of Contracts (Build)
  • We are a small and friendly close-knit team with big creative ideas. I am given the freedom to achieve my goal to explore the different elements in commercial design, whilst unleashing my creative thoughts on a wide range of projects. It’s not all work at Two, we’re a sociable bunch and enjoying getting out of the office on occasion!

    India Cornish Designer
  • Working for Two is unique, encouraging and memorable because you are being surrounded by so many talented people who are great at what they do. I’m coming into the second year as part of the project management function and I’m grateful to have benefited from the expertise and reliability of our team, that has led us to consistently deliver many projects on time, and within budget.  

    Oliver Archer Project Manager
  • Being part of this creative team is incredibly rewarding, we get to explore different areas of graphic design such as edition, packaging, illustration, video and so much more. I have the freedom and the opportunity to add values and special features to the projects which is really exciting!

    Madyson Laurent Head of Graphic Design
  • I joined Two 18 months ago, having worked in the construction industry for most of my life. The work culture here is energetic, creative and ambitious. The team at Two are great and the projects are vast and varied; creating bespoke offices for brilliant clients. One of the things I love about my job is that no Two days are the same!

    Glenn Darvell Contracts Manager
  • Francesco’s passion for 3D visualisation is undeniable and he has always proven to be creative and focused to deliver the best possible quality to every single project.

    Francesco Flomin Senior 3D Visualiser
  • I enjoy challenging a brief, creating a new working home for our clients and making it an enjoyable process for all parties involved. For me, its always interesting in understanding how a business operates, every client I’ve worked with will have their own quirks and objectives for us to accommodate when delivering a project.

    Paul Moisy Senior Designer

Our culture

Cultures aren’t tangible. But you just know when a workspace feels welcoming, friendly, hardworking and go-getting. Come in and talk with us – we’d love the opportunity to create something special for you.

There’s no room for egos here. Just real, ambitious people who want to do a good job. Our own workspace reflects how we are as a company – informal, inviting and insightful.

If you care about your office environment and what it says about your brand, just bring your vision and together we can build and design your new office.