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5 things to consider before your office interior re-design

Your office refurbishment and re-design should be creative, bold, cool, and perfectly envision the brand you’ve built. This is your chance to create a workplace for you and your employees to thrive and grow. So, here are five things you should keep in mind when redesigning your office interior:

  1. Open up the space!

An open plan office goes a long way with inviting in a sense of freedom and natural lighting. With less physical boundaries in the way, employees have more room for creativity and collaboration. An open plan office also helps to breed familiarity with others who may not be part of your immediate team, therefore making the workspace more comfortable and interactive than ever.

Breakout area in co-working space

       2. Colour is your friend

Everyone likes a pop of colour here or there, some even like their surroundings to be completely submerged in it! Alongside being stimulating and comforting for employees, colour also helps to reflect the brand and cement its purpose. A great example of this is yellow in our client Patch’s brand to represent community and openness.


  1. Bring on the biophilia!

Ah, plants. So small, yet they brighten up every environment so easily. They’re cute, improve air quality, and are a great aid to decreasing workplace stress – what’s not to love?

       4. Anyone fancy a game?

Breakout areas and social zones are a must in the modern office. Whether employees are looking for a 5-minute break, a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or a way to decompress after a long day. With benefits ranging from increased morale to improved productivity (and lots of fun!) they are a MUST for your office redesign.


  1. Get in the zone

As much as open plan offices are the big thing now, sometimes a little peace and quiet is what we need in order to complete that task that we’ve been struggling to focus on. This is where solo areas and independent workstations come into play. Tucked away from the liveliness of the open plan office, solo areas provide us with that bubble we all need once in a while. They’re also great to take phone and Zoom calls without any distractions.

Whatever steps you decide to take in your office interior redesign, make sure to put your employees’ needs at the forefront, they’ll love you for it!


Interested in seeing some of the spaces that we’ve designed with these in mind? Click here to check out our latest projects.


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