Paul Moisy: Our Man at Nottingham Trent University

In this blog, we chat to our senior designer Paul Moisy about his experiences of working as a reviewer at Nottingham Trent University.

Why did you decide to get involved at Nottingham Trent University?

“I first decided to become a reviewer at Nottingham Trent University’s Interior Architecture and Design department to support the students with their personal development.

“I believe that it is so important to their progression as budding designers to advise them and provide some insight into what the industry is all about once they graduate.”

Nottingham Trent University

Does it take you back to your own student days?

“Yes. I do this because I found this support extremely encouraging and comforting when I was studying, as most of the industry visitors were ex-students too. Giving something back is something that I feel really strongly about.”

What does the role entail?

“My role revolves around shadowing the main tutors, listening to the students talk about their projects, and trying to understand students’ interpretation of a brief and the objectives of their projects.

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“Also, presenting to an audience whatever size is something we all get nervous about, so encouraging them at this early stage will give them the confidence when meeting prospective employers and clients.”

Nottingham Trent: University of the year 2019

What do you hope to achieve from the role?

“The main objective is to discuss their concerns, reassure them, and key to it all is to make sure that they are enjoying it, because the role of a designer is a fantastic experience.”

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