Going through hypergrowth? These are the reasons why you should re-design your office.

Collaborative working area in office space.

Are you growing quickly and need an office to match your business and goals? An office re-design and relocation can be a powerful tool in affirming your position within the market, these are the reasons why.

Talent retention and room to grow:

An increase in your workforce is key to ensuring that hypergrowth brands can keep up with the increase in projects and tasks. However, is your office big enough to hold this team comfortably? Think about what your headcount may look like over the next five years. Without enough assigned desking and seating areas, your workforce will no longer be able to comfortably complete their work, leading to decreased satisfaction, productivity, and work quality. Unfortunately, this can lead to an ongoing cycle of problems.

An office relocation or office re-design increases staff retention by 44%, fixing the issue of an increased workforce and aiding talent retention. A new, larger office provides more space for desks, collaborative work areas, meeting rooms, zoom rooms and social areas. By creating a future-proofed workplace for your employees you are creating a comfortable, content workforce.


Collaboration and agility:

When considering whether you should relocate or re-design your office, take a look at your current working environment and ask if it actively encourages collaborative work. When experiencing hypergrowth, businesses rely on their staff working together to achieve one common goal: growth. Yet, a recent report from Hubbion found that:

  • 39% of people believed that their organisation did not collaborate enough
  • 75% believed that teamwork and collaboration was “very important”
  • 86% believed that the lack of collaboration was responsible for workplace failure

Agile office spaces are the ideal solution for hyper-growth companies, creating a workplace environment that nurtures their demand for speed, flexibility and team collaboration in a rapidly evolving environment.

Re-designing your office is the quickest way to do this, as flexibility promotes collaboration. Features like modular furniture, demountable walls, multi-use spaces, high-focus quiet spaces and phone booths in your office re-design or office refurbishment enables productivity, collaboration and fosters community development across teams.

Client experience:

We understand that the experience of your clients and shareholders is extremely important. An office re-design can create an office space that showcases both the values and personality of your business, whilst making clients feel comfortable and inspired. Our design team will immerse themselves inside your brand and work alongside your team to create a workplace as unique as your company.

Up for seeing what we can do? Get in touch with our team here and take a look at our success stories here.


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