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Celebrate International Women’s Day 2024 with us as we embrace the “Inspire Inclusion” theme! At Two, we believe in the power of inclusion to forge a better world. By inspiring others to understand and value the importance of women’s inclusion, we can create a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment for all.

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In the design and build industry, women have historically faced barriers to entry and advancement. When we inspire inclusion, we open doors to new perspectives, ideas, and innovations. At Two, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where women can thrive and reach their full potential. In celebration of the women at Two, we asked them for stories and experiences as women in the design and build industry and learn how we can inspire inclusion and create a more equitable and empowering future.

Emily Sheridan – Design Manager

Emily draws strength and inspiration from the determined and powerful women alongside her, fuelling her passion and determination to shine and make her mark in the industry, “When I first started working at Two, only five women were working here. Over the past couple of years, more women have been brought on board, and we are now given leadership roles and a voice within the company. We work together, building each other’s confidence and speaking up against the men within the company. A workplace must have diverse employees because everyone has different opinions and knowledge, which can help the company succeed. As an employer, you want a team that excels in different areas to help your company stand out. Collaboration in the workforce is essential to sharing various backgrounds and experiences. Every day, you should be learning something new.”

Desrine Taylor – Client Service Manager

Desrine means Two possesses a captivating approach to empowering women and guiding them towards achieving their highest potential, “At Two, we take pride in having a diverse delivery team, with a majority of our team members being women. This is a rarity in the Design and Build industry. Our Operations Director, Gary, values and supports us in achieving our goals. Every day brings a new challenge, which makes our work exciting. Bringing our clients’ visions to life is always rewarding.”

Olivia L’Estrange – Commercial and Construction Coordinator

Olivia, a recent addition to our team, is motivated by the trailblazing women with influential roles in the construction sites she visits. “I love seeing a job come together from start to finish – working in construction means creating tangible results as a project comes to life. We are constantly challenged to adapt and continuously learn throughout our careers. I appreciate working with such a talented and welcoming group of women. I have always been supported by women who lift each other. I am always inspired by seeing other women in impactful positions when I visit the site.”

Susan McEwen – Client Service Manager

Susan finds tremendous joy and pride in seeing women taking leadership positions and driving positive change in an otherwise fast-paced and dynamic industry, “Female leaders are breaking barriers in this industry, which encourages me to be persistent, especially when working in a hostile or challenging environment. “

Rosie Allen – Design Intern

My female role model is the designer Kelly Wearstler. I admire her bold approach to design and confident but elegant style. She serves as a role model for women in the design industry by empowering them to welcome creativity, push boundaries and embrace their unique perspectives, just like Two and being surrounded by many creative and passionate people. I have learned so much from the other designers on my team. It is supportive and uplifting, encouraging personal and professional growth,” says Rosie, who is seven months into her placement year with a sense of renewed optimism and determination.

India Cornish – Creative Manager

India’s advice for women who are considering a career in the design and build industry is all about confidence, “Time management and building up confidence in yourself and your designs – this is a fast-paced industry, and although extremely rewarding to see the beginning and the result, it can also be overwhelming if time management is not viewed from an early start of a project.  Listen and learn and ask questions, as every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another.  We should all strive to achieve the best together rather than individually.  The industry is a team effort, and we should view the industry as a family.”

Megan Bellis – Designer

Megan, our designer with a year and a half of experience, shares her appreciation for the team, “I love how we all bring unique perspectives and skills to the table, but when we come together, it’s like a design dream team! We create some truly amazing work.” She continues, “the constant flow of creativity and the supportive, encouraging colleagues to make every day fulfilling and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoy the dynamic nature of the projects we tackle at Two, which keeps me engaged and motivated, allowing me to grow and expand my design and construction skills continuously.”

Georgina James – Designer

Georgina may be the new kid on the block at Two, but she’s already making waves in just two months. She loves seeing her hard work pay off as her projects come to life, thanks to the incredible support of her team, “It has empowered me as a woman by letting me guide designs and giving me a voice to help people in their work environments, trying new techniques to improve our ways of working and enhancing where we spend so much of our time. Two is made up of a brilliant team of like-minded, intelligent people. Women are included in all company teams, excelling with various skills and talents.”

Nahla Juliany – Revit Technician

Nahla decided to move to London at the start of 2024 with complete confidence in her abilities to succeed. She attributes her success to her mother, who provided unwavering support and encouragement every step of the way, “I know most people will have a similar answer, but it must be my mum. Being a Muslim woman, there wasn’t anything that my mom couldn’t do. She learned a new language when she moved to Holland, graduated from university, and completed her master’s while caring for her family. She showed me that anything is possible, and the only limit is yourself.”


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