95 Queen Victoria Street

Queen Victoria Street, EC4V


Marketing suite / Commercial office


1, 600


  • Semi-exposed ceiling
  • Glass viewing panels
  • Feature living plants
  • Model plinths to showcase architectural model of terrace and reception
  • Material palettes for internal finishes
  • Feature pendants

The challenge

How do you sell a space that doesn’t exist yet? That was the challenge that J. Safra Sarasin presented us with. The client is due to undertake a full building refurbishment and reconfiguration and engaged with us to find a way to show prospective clients what the finished product would look like, without having to wait for them to be completed. This is how the replica marketing suite was born. For it to be successful, we needed to do three things:

  1. Find a way to showcase the 3D architectural model of the reception and terrace created by the architectural practice Sheppard Robson
  2. Find a way to replicate the flooring and ceiling that a prospective client would see when they took on the new CAT-A space that was being built
  3. Figure out how to implement unique elements to create a show stopping marketing suite unlike any other

With 4 weeks on the clock, we knew that time was not on our side, so we quickly got to work to make their dream a reality!

The solution

To showcase the practice’s 3D models and what materials would be used in the finished interior space, we designed and built display plinths, which added a cool, futuristic element. To help replicate the flooring in the CAT-A space that clients would be taking on, we decided to take up the existing carpet and have the raised access flooring thoroughly cleaned to match the vision of the rest of the space. The retention of the Cat-A flooring is just one of the features that will result in the refurbishment achieving Net embodied carbon zero. We then removed the original suspended ceiling and exposed the building’s original features, like the steel I-beams and rib deck, creating an industrial feel to the space. To balance these features, however, we made sure to include biophilic elements such as living plants as a central feature point, and a green colour scheme in the sofa, artwork, and dressing additions.

To help any prospective clients have an insight into the construction process, we made sure to fit in glass viewing panes so that they could view the works happening to their future suite. To enhance the immersive experience, a small construction space was installed in one area so clients could come and put on their PPE, before being taken into the construction site to see the construction and walk the space. This provides clients with a unique experience that helps them feel included and clued up on the process of the potential CAT-A space being built. It also provides them with a sense of confidence as they can see the works unfolding in real time.