Fora – Borough Market

180 Borough High Street, SE1


Co-working Space




  • Bespoke joinery shelving
  • Bespoke banquette seating
  • Globe lighting
  • Teapoint
  • Casual meeting spaces

The challenge

Can you convert a restaurant into an inspired and modern co-working space? This was the challenge set by Fora. Although the restaurant wasn’t in use, its proximity to existing occupied co-working spaces meant that construction noise disturbances needed to be kept to a minimum for the current Fora members. The lack of a raised access floor was a major construction task, as we didn’t know what would be under the concrete floor. With a six-week construction timeline, we got to work!

The solution

Collaboration, communication and regular updates kept this project running smoothly and led to the success of the space. The breaking of the concrete floor to put in the raised timber flooring could only occur during office hours, which meant that our programme had restricted timings to let members know when noise would occur. By collaborating with Fora’s in-house design team, we added small touches like bespoke joinery for their unique wooden shelving, we created a space that was in keeping with the rest of the building, creating a calm, productive space.

  • Breakout area in co-working space
    Bespoke joinery shelving
    We extended the unique, wooden shelfing that was specific to Fora Borough Market through creating bespoke joinery, allowing for a seamless finish.
  • Breakout area in co-working space
    Details and Design
    A statement entrance when people walk in – think rich colours and unique shapes.
  • Breakout area in co-working space.
    Leather and Lights
    The combination of the globe lighting and tanned leather furnishings allow for a cosy, zen experience.