Daily Home Habits to Boost Your Creativity

by Mafalda Moisés

Creativity starts at home. Our home is an extension of us and that is why it’s so important to make ourselves busy to keep the creativity flowing. Our ability to create begins with observing the world around us. Changing our habits and our surroundings can help to get us interested in things again or start a hobby that we always wanted to do.

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Change your environment

Changing your surroundings is a great way to gain inspiration. By re-organising your space, you can explore your environment and create spaces based around the activities you want to do. Move things around, decorate your favourite corners and make use of the sunlight for your creative spaces. Make the space comfortable, ensuring your working area is appropriate for your needs.

Recharge your curiosity

Creativity thrives on curiosity. Our ability to wonder and discover new things is what fuels our creativity, as is the search for answers. Start by going through your books on the shelf, catch up with the latest albums or watch some movies. Start living a curiosity driven life: examine and research new hobbies or catch up with the old ones. Gather all the information you need to start doing the things you want to do.

Hands of creativity

Practice creating

Creativity is a skill; it takes practice and it takes time to master it. Challenge yourself to create every day. Do whatever makes you feel fulfilled, whether that is learning a new instrument, writing, painting, photography, designing or dancing.

Let the space and your surroundings inspire you to create new things. Give yourself freedom to go in different directions and let your ideas flow. Allow yourself to space out, let your mind wonder, access your memories and emotions, and that will give you the knowledge and inspiration you’re looking for.

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