How to Choose Your Perfect Office Space

Breakout area in co-working space

When it comes to picking out a new office space for you and your team, there’s a lot that you need to keep in mind to make sure that you choose the best space. Your office space can affect productivity, the sort of clients you are able to meet with, agile working, and so much more. But not to worry; we have picked out the three main things you should keep in mind when picking out your new office space and why:


  • Is this space big enough to support any hypergrowth my business could go through in the next 5 years or so?

Why: You want a space that can offer longevity and aligns with your organisation’s day-to-day processes. As your team grows, your space should be able to accommodate that without compromising the comfort of your employees and their ability to work. An office that’s too small could result in poor performance, lack of focus, lack of collaboration and lower morale. Moreover, you should ensure that your new office space enables agile working so your employees can work at a time and location that suits them.

  • Do you want a serviced office or a managed office?

Why: You’ll want to decide what sort of office space you want. A serviced office and a managed office are both great in their own ways but offer very different benefits and limitations.


What is a serviced office?

  • A serviced office is an office building that provides fully furnished workspaces, building management services and additional facilities, such as printers, break rooms, meeting rooms, and internet connection.


  • Cost-effective
  • Short-term leases
  • Easy to move in and out


  • More expensive in the long-term
  • Sharing facilities
  • Lack of personalisation


What is a managed office?

  • A managed office is an empty workspace that can be rented out to businesses and customised by the tenant to suit their business needs. A managed office is run by a third-party provider who organises the space according to the tenant’s specifications.


  • You can customise the space in whatever style you like
  • More client friendly as the breakout areas and meeting rooms are not being shared by other businesses in your building
  • There are no hidden fees as you are managed by a single office provider with total cost transparency


  • Takes more time to set up than a serviced office, as the fit-out period needs to be factored in
  • More expensive than a lease as you pay a premium for the flexibility, management of the office, and bespoke nature of the fit out
  • Location and access to/for clients

Why: Getting an office with a great look and an even better price tag is amazing, but when it’s in a less than ideal location, with even worse transport links, it sets up a potential issue for clients and any future talent you’ll want to get onboard.


Choosing your perfect office space can be hard, but with some time and patience, you’ll find one that works perfectly for you and your team. To take a look at some of the office and co-working spaces that we have created, click here.



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